Online Dating – cherish the love

A big crowd, you can find a loved one, this is such a big blessing , perhaps not you think so good, but it would not bad to go , so cherish cherish blessings .
In fact , love reasonable like, do not wronged will , not the pursuit of perfection ; You just know each other are flawed A simple love is enough.
When two people love each other , must be sincere , disputes the time to communicate , angry to calm , pleasant time to share , accusing the time to understand. Once you pull the hand , would never easily break up ; people always have a shoe when the other shoe will understand the taste of losing .
A person’s life, wipe it off between there are thousands of people , there are several bosom ? A few are loved his people ? Seek and come back to their congregation , as affection in front of people .
Love, no matter how strong, can not always withstand the erosion of busy , busy day wasteland you mess though , although you too busy to forget the care, although you busy physically and mentally exhausted , although you busy at a loss, however , love really is not waiting for you Available only treasure !
A lot of people are looking for a profound feelings of love. ” Comfy ” is from “The Zhuangzi .” Means that the springs have dried up , the fish are close together with each other moist spittle , to tide over difficult times . This term was later used as a metaphor in the plight of each other and mutual assistance. But more use is the metaphor of the couple emotional state , especially in elderly couple ‘s emotional state.
Sometimes seeing mutually supportive elderly couple , his mind will instantly flashed a ” comfy ” is the word . Probably every person , no matter how young and fit, how strong, will have a profound feelings of old age reverie companion. Because then partner, when the end of life went really will have a sense of spring water will dry up . In that case, can use warm water of life is only accompanied by his wife ‘s life .
In marriage among the most leading a poor couple days , nothing exciting to live . Two people hold up a home, two people is a world. Two people of the world, the ups and downs , Lengnuanzizhi . The need for mutual spiritual comfort , emotional understanding , caring on the daily diet , you need the critical moment to come forward , you need to temptation loyal and reliable ……
This is the profound feelings . Have profound feelings of marriage, is a successful marriage ! Have profound feelings of life , a happy life !
Love, is worthy of our cherished profound feelings .

    When we have profound feelings of love , it invites us to cherish it !


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